Identity Theft Prevention

Identity Theft is the #1 Crime in the U.S.

Identity theft. You’re hearing the words more and more, on TV and especially online. And there’s good reason. Identity theft is among the largest growing crimes in the world, and it costs consumers millions per year.

A person’s identity can be attacked and misused in our nation by various kinds of criminals and thieves. You may be victimized by one of them without even knowing. Who would have ever thought identity theft would have been the number one consumer concern in our nation?

There are so many different types of criminals using other people’s identity in so many ways. According to the Federal Trade Commission much of this type of theft happens in the workplace.

Are You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Unfortunately, no one is 100% immune to identity theft no matter what precautions are taken. However, there are actions you can take to help decrease your risk.

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